Online Obituaries

What is an Obituary?

An obituary is an article written in the newspaper that reports the recent death of a person of note, while providing a mini biography of their life and achievements.

The obituary typically includes information around the circumstances of their death and the details of their upcoming funeral. Obituaries written in larger newspapers are generally written for someone of significance to society while obituaries in regional local newspapers can be for people who were promiment in that community. 

It celebrates the person’s life, passion, accomplishments and can also include personal testimonies from loved ones.  Additionally, it’s also a place to feature what was important to the deceased. Share their influences, causes, passions and profession - in addition to memorialising the deceased, these also help paint a picture of them to readers. 

Online Obituaries

With the explosion of the world wide web, obituaries have naturally evolved over time to the digital space where they can be read online.

The Benefits Of Posting An Online Obituary

There are many benefits to creating an online obituary. Some of these are listed below:

Shareable An Online Obituary is easy to share with others to contribute
Permanent Online Obituaries do not fade, they remain forever for people to search
Personalised Your tribute can be personalised in your own way or selecting from pre-populated quotes.
Easy It takes just a few minutes to produce a customised online obituary.
Access Anytime The obituary is online for anyone to access and add to at anytime.
Searchable Once published, they are accessible for anyone to find on Google

Create an Online Obituary

If you’re mourning the recent passing of a loved one, you can create a meaningful online obituary and tribute notice on Memories. There are a few ways you can do it:

1. Create a Tribute
2. Photo & Message Pay tribute with a respectful photo and personal message
3. Publish & Share Publish the notice online and share with close contacts

Famous Online Obituaries

Memories Powers the Online Obituaries of Major Newspapers

Memories powers the online obituaries for major newspapers such as The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Brisbane Times and WA Today. You see see a link to obituaries on these publications below:

Online Obituaries FAQs

  • What is the difference between an Obituary and an Online Memorial? keyboard_arrow_down

    Although an obituary is a type of memorial, it is slightly different from a memorial page in that an obituary is much shorter, simpler, and more technical in tone. An Online Memorial has a more personal tone, as it is usually written by a relative of the departed, and is much more detailed in its writing and presentation.

  • How do you write an obituary? keyboard_arrow_down

    The most common element of an obituary is your dearly departed’s biography. There are a number of other important parts to writing an obituary which you can find here.

  • Can I use Facebook to post an online obituary? keyboard_arrow_down

    With Facebook, you are only sharing the notice with family and friends. Other people who may have known the loved one may want to find their obituary online. They will not find it if you just post it on Facebook. So it's better to use a trusted platform like Memories so people can find the notice on Search Engines.

  • Should I have an obituary in print and online? keyboard_arrow_down

    Having an obituary or death notice in a popular local newspaper is important to get the message out there to people who knew and respected the loved one. Creating and posting an online obituary allows you to share it through social media channels. An online obituary is also a permanent lasting tribute that remains online forever.

  • How do I post an obituary online? keyboard_arrow_down

    You can create an obituary online through international platforms like Memories, or you can contact your local newspaper to publish a traditional obituary in their online edition. Memories hosts the obituary pages of many major newspapers, such as the Sydney Morning Herald and Brisbane Times

  • What is the difference between an obituary and a death notice? keyboard_arrow_down

    A death notice informs relatives, friends, associates, colleagues, and even the public of your loved one’s passing. A death notice usually includes information pertaining to the funeral, as well as information about the wake, if it is practiced in your loved one’s tradition. It is different from an obituary or memorial page in that a death notice serves the purpose of informing others about your loved one’s passing, whilst the former focuses more on the life and memory of the departed.

  • How do I find an Obituary Online? keyboard_arrow_down

    Doing a Google or Bing search of the person's name is a good start. Alternatively you can do a search on online obituary platforms like