Online Memorials

What is an Online Memorial?

Online Memorials are a beautiful way to remember a life well-lived. An Online Memorial, or memorial page is an online web page that honours a loved one who has passed away as a form of remembrance. It usually contains a portrait of the departed, biographical information, testimonies from their loved ones, and curation of photos and videos. Online Memorials can also host music and other audio which best represents the life and times of the dearly departed. 

This all exists as a form of remembrance for a loved one that has passed away. An Online Memorial helps us remember loved ones in a variety of ways, such as a portrait of the departed, biographical information, testimonies and life stories presented by their loved ones, photo galleries, videos, quotes and more as you can see below.

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There are a number of ways to conduct the research for an online memorial. This includes gathering information you have collected about them such as photos and documents, referring to online sources and speaking to friends and family about their memories and experiences with the loved one.

What's the Difference between Online Memorials and Social Media?

There are a number of reasons why Online Memorials are better platforms than Facebook. Some of these reasons include privacy control, content moderation, layout and design, less intrusive and longevity.

Benefits of an Online Memorial

L.J Smith once wrote that "Nothing really dies unless it is forgotten".

This speaks true to the heart of the benefits of Online Memorials. Once a loved one passes away and well after the funeral service, their memories can easily be forgotten. Online Memorials will, over time, become a valued source of cherished memories for anyone who was touched by this special life. 

You can visit the online memorial in your own time, and take a private moment, whenever you like, to grieve, celebrate, and reflect on a life well-lived.

Creating an Online Memorial

"What we have once enjoyed deeply we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us." - Helen Keller

Creating a personalised Online Memorial or Memories page is simple. Once you create a page you can start adding memories and then invite others to share memories to the page and write about their life stories. Click on the links below for more details. 

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3. Inviting others to Contribute

Celebrity Online Memorials

Browse our Celebrity Online Memorials and sign their guestbook. 

Princess Diana Online Memorial

Princess Diana Online Memorial

Niki Lauda Online Memorial

Niki Lauda Online Memorial

Freddy Mercury Online Memorial

Freddy Mercury Online Memorial

George Harrison Online Memorial

George Harrison Online Memorial

Bob Hawke Online Memorial

Bob Hawke Online Memorial

JFK Online Memorial

 John F Kennedy Online Memorial

George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw Online Memorial

Steve Jobs Online Memorial

Steve Jobs Online Memorial

Jonah Lomu Online Memorial

Jonah Lomu Online Memorial

Paul Walker Online Memorial Nelson Mandela Online Memorial Heath Ledger Online Memorial
Paul Walker Online Memorial  Nelson Mandela Online Memorial  Heath Ledger Online Memorial


Audrey Hepburn Online Memorial

Audrey Hepburn Online Memorial

David Bowie Online Memorial

David Bowie Online Memorial

Walt Disney Online Memorial

Walt Disney Online Memorial

John Lennon Online Memorial

John Lennon

Gandhi Online Memorial

Mahatma Gandhi

Agatha Christie Online Memorial

Agatha Christie

Charlie Chaplin Online Memorial

Charlie Chaplin

Claude Monet Online Memorial

Claude Monet

Carrie Fisher Online Memorial

Carrie Fisher

Winston Churchill Online Memorial

Winston Churchill

Humphrey Bogart Online Memorial

Humphrey Bogart

Online Memorials of Celebrities that Died in 2019

We saw a number of celebrities pass away in 2019. Below are online memorials of some of these well-known people that made a lasting impact on our lives.  

Don Valentine Online Memorial

Don Valentine Online Memorial

Karl Lagerfeld Online Memorial

Karl Lagerfeld Online Memorial

Luke Perry Online Memorial

Luke Perry Online Memorial

Clive James Online Memorial

Clive James

Bill Waterhouse Online Memorial

Bill Waterhouse

John Gokongwei Online Memorial

John Gokongwei

Jacques Chirac Online Memorial

Jacques Chirac Online Memorial

Robert Hunter Online Memorial

Robert Hunter Online Memorial

Jose Jose Online Memorial

Jose Jose Online Memorial

Gary Rhodes Online Memorial

 Gary Rhodes

Marie Fredriksson Online Memorial

Marie Fredriksson

Caroll Spinney Online Memorial

Caroll Spinney

David Olney Online Memorial

David Olney

Peter Mathebula Online Memorial

Peter Mathebula

Kobe Bryant Online memorial

Kobe Bryant

Public Online Memorials

People from across the world have created Memories pages for their loved ones. Most of these are set to private so that only their family and friends can view it. However, some have changed their privacy setting to public to allow others who knew their loved ones to contribute to the online memorial. You can find links to a few of these public pages below.

Henry "Hank" Umemoto

Gardena, USA

Vikki Ghillanyi

Gold Coasst, Australia

Rebecca Richman

Los Angeles, USA

April Morton

Knoxville, USA

Ralph Stewart Parton

Sydney, Australia

Elizabeth Stephenson

Sky Valley, USA

John Mike McKenna

Santa Rosa Beach, USA

James Anthony Pritchett

Michigan, USA

Jessica Ann Bonney Reverley

Virginia, USA

Chandler Beal

Los Angeles, USA

Pauline Megannety

Vancouver, Canada

Jeff Kirkland

Calgary, Canada

Timothy Bigo Stony

Melbourne, Australia

Rufina Austria

Manila, Philippines

Elaine Van Avery

New York, USA

John Harold Darling

Melbourne, Australia

Jasper Echo Toms

Seattle, USA

Robert Roque

California, USA

Matthew Sun

Vancouver, Canada

Sarah Owen Ford

North Carolina, USA

Emma Catherine Lockwood

Queensland, Australia

Goody Abakah Lawson

New Jersey, USA

Tony Redina

Sydney, Australia

Cynthia Will

California, USA

James Bradley

California, USA

Eva Rigney

Georgia, USA

Beverly Saslofsky

New York, USA

Nancy Buch

Perth, Australia

Carole Joy Keim

Oregon, USA

Helen Henson

North Carolina, USA

Janet Riccio

New York, USA

Lois Edlinger

Albuquerque, USA

Dick Cahill

Ascot, UK

Bruce Bigelow

California, USA

Rick Roberts

California, USA

Scott Severson

Minnesota, USA

Martin Nwizugbo

Washington, USA

Alfred Charles Gange

Melbourne, Australia

Fang-yen (Frank) Hong

Oregon, USA

Tessa Delaney

Colorado, USA

Peter Puzo

Los Angeles, USA

Mitchell Peterson

Florida, USA

Tina Firmignac

Hawaii, USA

Shirl Tarko Halpern

Seattle, USA

Dr Edilberto Jose

Manila, Philippines

Michael Jovais

Texas, USA

Trevor Whitehead

Sydney, Australia

Thomas Theodore Speckhard

Wisconsin, USA

Garth Gasse

Viginia, USA

Steven Field

Minnesota, USA

Melba June Delegal Pack

California, USA

Drew Cameron

Glasgow, Scotland

Treva Foss Thoms

New York, USA

Dirk Muller

Bonn, Germany

Beth Yawger

New Jersey, USA

Masatsugu Yoshida

California, USA

FAQs Online Memorials

1. Why should I make an online memorial?

Online Memorials help us remember our deceased loved ones’ life stories forever. They are permanent, private web pages that you can enrich with memories and invite other close friends and family members to contribute to. This helps keep their memories alive for the rest of our lives and for generations to come.

2. What types of memorials are there?

Memorial is a general term. You can honour the life of a loved one who passed away through physical and/or digital memorials. Therefore, a memorial can be something as grand as a memorial statue for a national hero to something much simpler like an online memorial for your loved one. 

3. How do I make an Online Memorial?

Once you choose an Online Memorial Platform like, creating an Online Memorial is very easy and can be done in just a few clicks. First you "create a Memories Page", then add in the name, location and respective profile photo to create the page. From here you can enrich the profile with photos, videos, quotes and memories shared. You can get started with a free draft page through Memories here

4. What is a memorial service?

A memorial service is usually an invite-only private event and is a final in-person tribute to the departed. Although in the case of famous people and political leaders, the family can hold a public memorial service as well. Depending on the departed’s faith, culture, and other beliefs, the memorial service can be conducted in various ways. For example, in Catholicism, a multi-day wake is common and can be considered a memorial service before the funeral. The funeral is the day of the burial and can also feature a memorial service. 

5. Why do we memorialise?

We memorialise our loved ones because we want to honour their life rather than focusing on their departure. We memorialise in order to pay tribute to their legacy. It is also a way for relatives, friends, and acquaintances of the departed to collectively share their tributes. 

6. What's the difference between an Online Memorial and a Memorial Page

An Online Memorial goes by many names. Some of these includes Memorial Page, Memories Page, and Virtual Memorial. These names are all variations of the same thing.

7. Who should create an Online Memorial?

It depends on the circumstances, however an Online Memorial is usually created by one of the closest family members to the individual. Close friends can also create an Online Memorial to share with family members to contribute. 

8. When is the best time to create an Online Memorial?

There is no best time to create an Online Memorial. It is when you feel the time is right and you want to share memories or tell stories to help keep you in their life for longer.