Online Memorials

What is an Online Memorial?

An Online Memorial is a web page honouring a loved one who has passed away. It usually contains a portrait of the departed, biographical information, memories shared by their loved ones, and curation of photos and videos. Online Memorials can also host music and other audio.

Online Memorial

There are a number of ways to conduct the research for an Online Memorial. This includes gathering and digitizing physical memories such as photos, videos and documents. You could also speak to friends and family about their memories and experiences with the loved one.

Videos Upload videos of memories
Photos Upload photos relating to loved one
Timeline Create a timeline of life stories
Quotes Add quotes that remind you of the loved one
Stories Personal memories of loved one
Share Invite friends and family to contribute

Benefits of an Online Memorial

L.J Smith once wrote: "Nothing really dies unless it is forgotten".

Memories of a loved one can easily be forgotten after they pass, however Online Memorials are a valued source to keep the cherished memories of a special life alive for those closest.

You can visit the online memorial in your own time, and take a private moment to grieve, celebrate and reflect on a life well-lived.

Creating an Online Memorial

"What we have once enjoyed deeply we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us." - Helen Keller

Creating a personalised Online Memorial or Memories page is simple. Once you create a page, you can start adding memories and invite others to contriobute to the page by writing about their life stories.

Click on the links below for more details. 

Create an Online Memorial How to create an online memorial
Adding Memories How to add memories to a page
Sharing the Page Ho to Invite others to contribute to the page

Public Online Memorials

People from across the world have created Memories pages for their loved ones. Most of these are set to private so that only their family and friends can view it. However, some have changed their privacy setting to public to allow others who knew their loved ones to contribute to the online memorial. You can find links to a few of these public pages below.

Celebrity Online Memorials

Browse our Celebrity Online Memorials and sign their guestbook. 

Online Memorials of Celebrities that Died in 2020

We saw a number of celebrities pass away in 2019. Below are online memorials of some of the well-known people that passed away in 2020.  

FAQs Online Memorials

  • How do I share my Memories Page? keyboard_arrow_down

    Share your Memories Page to Facebook, Twitter or by email by clicking on the icons located under the bio.

    You can also copy the URL to your page by clicking the small chain icon. 

  • What size should the background image be on the online memorial page? keyboard_arrow_down

    While the background image will automatically scale for mobile devices and desktops, we recommend using 1200mm x 800mm dimensions.  

  • How do I make an Online Memorial? keyboard_arrow_down

    1. Click 'Start a Memories page'

    2. Enter the name and city of the person the Online Memorial will be built for

    3. Upload a profile picture, choose a background and enter key dates

    4. Upload digitized photos, videos and letters as memories

    5. Write life stories and invite those closest to contribute

  • Can my memorial page be private? keyboard_arrow_down

    An Online Memorial gives you the ability to make the page available by invitation only or it could be made public so anyone could view or add content. 

  • Why should I make an Online Memorial? keyboard_arrow_down

    In the past people would collect photographs in books or perhaps by emailing them to each other. Today these memories exist in phones, and in our stories and our collective memories and experiences.

    A Memories page helps you bring everything into a single place.

  • What is the difference between a Tribute Notice and Online Memorial? keyboard_arrow_down