How do I share my Memories Page?

Share your Memories Page to Facebook, Twitter or by email by clicking on the icons located under the bio.

You can also copy the URL to your page by clicking the small chain icon. 

What is the difference between an Obituary and an Online Memorial?

Although an obituary is a type of memorial, it is slightly different from a memorial page in that an obituary is much shorter, simpler, and more technical in tone. An Online Memorial has a more personal tone, as it is usually written by a relative of the departed, and is much more detailed in its writing and presentation.

How do you write an obituary?

The most common element of an obituary is your dearly departed’s biography. There are a number of other important parts to writing an obituary which you can find here.

Can I use Facebook to post an online obituary?

With Facebook, you are only sharing the notice with family and friends. Other people who may have known the loved one may want to find their obituary online. They will not find it if you just post it on Facebook. So it's better to use a trusted platform like Memories so people can find the notice on Search Engines.

Should I have an obituary in print and online?

Having an obituary or death notice in a popular local newspaper is important to get the message out there to people who knew and respected the loved one. Creating and posting an online obituary allows you to share it through social media channels. An online obituary is also a permanent lasting tribute that remains online forever.

How do I post an obituary online?

You can create an obituary online through international platforms like Memories, or you can contact your local newspaper to publish a traditional obituary in their online edition. Memories hosts the obituary pages of many major newspapers, such as the Sydney Morning Herald and Brisbane Times

What is the difference between an obituary and a death notice?

A death notice informs relatives, friends, associates, colleagues, and even the public of your loved one’s passing. A death notice usually includes information pertaining to the funeral, as well as information about the wake, if it is practiced in your loved one’s tradition. It is different from an obituary or memorial page in that a death notice serves the purpose of informing others about your loved one’s passing, whilst the former focuses more on the life and memory of the departed.

How do I find an Obituary Online?

Doing a Google or Bing search of the person's name is a good start. Alternatively you can do a search on online obituary platforms like Memories.net

What is Memories?

A Memories page offers an ad-free, private and secure space to safeguard and share memories of the people, places, moments and milestones that matter the most. 

Our platform is a vault, visual timeline and digital memory box to future-proof and preserve your family history so it can be enjoyed by your children’s children. 

How do I report a piece of content?

If you think a piece of content violates our terms and conditions, please contact us immediately. Our team will review the content and take the appropriate action to ensure we keep our community safe.

What happens if you close down?

If Memories was to close down, users would be able to access all online pages for 24 months in a static format. Subscribers would also be given the option to download the HTML and file format so they could re-host the page on their own domain. 

Do you have an iPhone or Android app?

No we don't, the reason for this is we want to be available and open for all people to use, no matter what device they have or country they are in.

We have a mobile first, responsive website that works on all devices, rather than restricting people to a mobile app.

Where is your content stored?

All our content is stored and backed up on Amazon Web Services. Our site is backed up multiple times per day, with all uploaded content recoverable in the event of an issue.

I published in a newspaper, do I have to publish it again to Memories?

If you have already spent money publishing your Tribute Notice in the paper then simply contact us and send us the link to the notice and we will be happy to publish it for free to Memories on your behalf.

Where is Memories based?

Our head office is located in Melbourne, Australia. Memories also has satellite offices and staff in the US, UK and Asia (Philippines) to assist our partners, users and product teams.

Is your site moderated?

Memories heavily moderate all content on the website. Our team will actively remove content violating community guidelines and will ban those responsible. 

Can I have multiple admins on the account?

A Memories page is limited to a single 'prime' administrator.  

Can I join Memories as a registered partner?

Memories partners with licensed Funeral Directors, Media Publications and Charities to help them publish Tributes and create Memorial Pages for their loved ones.

If you would like to get in touch and become a registered partner please contact us here

What size should the background image be on the online memorial page?

While the background image will automatically scale for mobile devices and desktops, we recommend using 1200mm x 800mm dimensions.  

How do I make my page public?

1. Simply click edit memorial

2. At the top you will see a setting for page privacy

3. Select public, or private from the list

4. Click save changes to ensure your changes won't be lost

Can I upload videos?

Users can easily upload photos and videos to their Memories page from a phone, tablet or desktop with content saved into a digital vault

Videos can be uploaded as a .MP4 or .MOV formats. Photos can be .JPEG or .PNG. 

How do I make an Online Memorial?

1. Click 'Start a Memories page'

2. Enter the name and city of the person the Online Memorial will be built for

3. Upload a profile picture, choose a background and enter key dates

4. Upload digitized photos, videos and letters as memories

5. Write life stories and invite those closest to contribute

How long will the content be online?

Unlike newspapers which last a day, Memories aims to be a website that exists for eternity.

Can my memorial page be private?

An Online Memorial gives you the ability to make the page available by invitation only or it could be made public so anyone could view or add content. 

Can I create a memorial page for myself to write my life story?

Yes you can. Simply create a page, and ensure that you share your login & password with your next of kin or close family member so they can continue the page on your behalf in the future. 

How much does an Memories Page cost?

You can create your first Memories Page for free. 

If I sign up with Facebook will you post to my account or share my data?

Memories take your privacy very seriously and will never post to your account or share your data without permission. 

Facebook sign in has only been created as an option to join the service without having to remember another username of password. 

You can always sign up using an email address and password if you feel more comfortable.

Why should I make an Online Memorial?

In the past people would collect photographs in books or perhaps by emailing them to each other. Today these memories exist in phones, and in our stories and our collective memories and experiences.

A Memories page helps you bring everything into a single place.

What is the difference between a Tribute Notice and Online Memorial?
How do I delete a memorial page or notice?

Should you want to delete a Memories page, contact us and our staff will assist. You can also permanently remove the page on your account by clicking the 'My Memories Pages' button.