Create an Online Memorial

Create an Online Memorial

An Online Memorial or Skymorial Page is a beautiful way to remember a loved one. It's a special space that you design to store life stories and memories that will last forever.

With Memories, you can create an an online memorial as a draft for free. Here is a guide on how to do that.

7 Steps to creating an Online Memorial

  1. Create online memorial
  2. Save page and register
  3. Setting Privacy options
  4. Uploading a profile photo (Optional)
  5. Adding date of birth and passing
  6. Customising the background
  7. Updating the Obituary

1. Create Online Memorial

a) Click "Create Memory"

b) Add name and location

c) Create Page

2. Save Page and Register

a) Click "Save Page"

b) Add name and email

c) Add Password and register

3. Setting Privacy Options

a) Click "Edit Memorial"

b) Update Privacy Setting 

c) Save Page

2. DOB / Passing

a) Click "Edit Memorial"

b) Add DOB + Passing

c) Add Password and

2. Updating Obituary

a) Click "Edit Memorial"

b) Go to Obit / Welcome Message

c) Add / update message

2. Uploading Profile

a) Click "Edit Memorial"

b) Click upload profile

c) Upload profile

5. Updating Background

a) Click "Edit Memorial"

b) Select from backround options

c) Update Background

2. Customising Background 


a) Click "Edit Memorial"

b) Click "Upload Background"

c) Select Background

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