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When you read the news or hear the latest report announcing a celebrity death, it’s not hard to get caught up in emotions.

You might think it’s crazy to mourn over someone you’d never met, but the truth is, celebrity deaths can have an immense effect on our emotions.

We all likely have that one celebrity death that impacted us the most. You probably remember the exact moment you discovered the saddening news.

While you might not know a celebrity, you certainly know a lot about them. Their achievements. Their funny quirks. Maybe even some great quotes. All the words to their songs.

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Mourning a Celebrity’s Death

You may not have known them, but there’s no doubt there’s a connection. Mourning the recent passing of a celebrity isn’t “weird”. In fact, it’s normal. Here’s why:

Celebrities Unite Us

Whether it’s a famous sportsman your dad admired or a songstress you saw in concert with friends, we know there are other fans out there who are also struck with sadness at a recent passing.

Celebrities Aren’t Invincible

You might think even the most famous celebrities are nothing like you. A recent passing, however, reminds us that no matter how rich or famous they may be, at the end of the day, they’re just like us.

We Connect with the Cause of Death

When we find out a celebrity died, the next thing we often learn is how they died. The cause of death is often something we can relate to, having experienced it already in the past with our own family members or friends.