25 Retirement Gifts for Men

7 June 2020 • Celebrating Life

Retirement Gifts for Men

He's worked hard all his career and now it's time to retire. He might be feeling a bit down, perhaps unsure of the future ahead. It's like spending hours on a rollercoaster and suddenly it has stopped. It's a strange feeling. When you retire, you have to adjust suddenly to a new lifestyle after living a life of routine.

This is where you come in. You want to remind them that retirement is not an ending, but a fresh new chapter. As their friend, family member or colleague, encourage them to see retirement in a positive light and that they should see this important event as a celebration of life. It's the long road ahead, filled with new adventures, that is important to focus on, and not what's in the rear-view mirror. 

Can't think of what to give them? We'll help you out with these retirement gift ideas. 

Retirement gifts for men

1. Dinner 

This is one of the best gifts you can give your friend, family member or close colleague. More often than not, it's not about the material things you give someone, but showing them you care about them in other ways. Take them out to dinner at their favorite restaurant, or a new highly-rated restaurant in town.

You can also have a pint or two with them at the local pub. It's not just about the thoughtful gesture, but also conversing with them about the future and how they feel about this major transition in their life. Motivate them with pep talks during dinner and show them that celebrating life is what post-retirement is all about. 

2. Personalized Putting Set

Your giftee doesn't have a membership at the local country club? No worries. He can practice his putting in the comfort of his own home. This putting set can be customized with their name, or a message.

3. Personalized Pen

A good quality Rosewood pen can last a lifetime and is something that is actually useful. During retirement, you still have a lot of paperwork to do, from writing checks to filing taxes the old-fashioned way. Your friend or colleague might also decide to start a post-retirement journal, or venture into poetry writing. Whatever the case may be, a pen is a great gift no matter the 

4. Timepiece

Men don't typically wear a lot of jewelry. A lot of men don't sport cufflinks either, unless they work on Wall Street or is a big-shot lawyer. The average Joe doesn't care about those things. However, the one universal item that almost all men wear are watches. Even in the age of the smartphones and smartwatches, nothing beats wearing a classic timepiece that uses precise engineering in its clockwork. 

5. Funny Coffee Mug

Lighten up your retiree's mood with this humorous coffee mug. It'll show him that retirement is not something to be scared of, or sad about, but instead should be embraced with a positive attitude. 

6. TRX Portable Full-Body Workout System

The retirement age is usually the time when muscles weaken and even decrease in men. That's just the reality of the human anatomy. So, encourage your friend or family member to exercise those muscles. This full-body workout system uses resistance training to keep muscles toned. The great thing is it's portable, so they can take it out to the park or during their travels.

7. Running Shoes

One of the most important aspects of retirement is to stay healthy and fit. Motivate your giftee to lace'em up and hit the pavement or trail. Choose from a variety of running shoe designs, but be sure to get their correct shoe size first. 

8. Fitbit Versa 2

If you're going to encourage your friend, family member or colleague to work out more after their retirement, they should also have something to help them keep track of their health status. Fitbit is a pioneering product that is popular with gym lovers, runners, and generally health-conscious folks alike. 

9. Subscription to a Magazine or Newspaper

If your retiree loves to read magazines and newspapers, the only obvious choice for a gift idea is to give them a year's subscription to their favorite publication. They'll surely love your thoughtful present and it's something you know they'll make use of regularly. 

10. Gift Cards

If your friend, colleague or family member enjoys going to certain restaurants or coffee shops, they'll thank you for giving them gift cards. Another benefit is giving them gift cards to grocery stores they frequent. This will help them with grocery costs post-retirement. 

11. Jogging Pants

Jogging pants are quite possibly the ultimate retirement gift. It's versatile: they can use it for actual jogging, or they can do the opposite and just wear it to lounge around at home. Jogging pants are the most comfortable of all the pants species. It was destined to be on this list. 

12. Binoculars

If your friend or family member loves the outdoors, binoculars are a versatile gift. Whether they're avid bird watchers or are into outdoor sports, they'll surely put these to good use. 

13. Home Tool Kit

With plenty of time on his hands, the retired man will find something to fix around the house (even if they don't need fixing). This home tool set has all the essential items you need to start on a new project, from building a shed to repairing the old lawnmower. 

14. Hiking Boots

A good pair of hiking boots will last a lifetime. Giving a pair of hiking boots to a retiree is akin to telling them, "Get some fresh air and put those legs to good use." Encouraging people to exercise outdoors is one of the most direct ways to show them you care about their health and longevity. 

15. Gardening Tool Set

If your gift recipient has a green thumb, or is curious about taking up gardening, then this gardening tool set is the perfect gift for him. By next Spring, the flowers in his yard will be blooming. 

16. Sunglasses

Sunglasses is an accessory that is almost essential for driving during the daytime, especially if you live in a sunny place. It's also useful when you're out on vacation, enjoying the post-retirement life on the beach. 

17. BBQ Tool Set

Men love to barbecue. Heck, even vegans love to do it. Veggie burgers, anyone? If your colleague, friend or loved one is a flame master, this BBQ tool set will be a much-appreciated addition to his barbecue pit arsenal. 

18. BBQ Sauce and Dry Rub Sampler

You can just have tools and slabs of meat to achieve a successful BBQ party. You definitely got to have some BBQ sauce and dry rubs to take your grill masterpieces to another level. This sampler pack is a good start. 

19. Leather Passport Cover

If he's a jetsetter, this leather passport cover will be the perfect gift for him. It will not only protect his data from identity thieves, it will keep his passport from getting torn up and dirty during his travels. 

20. Kindle Oasis

The Kindle Oasis is one of the latest in the Kindle lineup. It's compact and bright, so you can take it with you to the pool on your vacation. Kick back, relax, and read your favorite books and magazines. The avid reader will definitely be ecstatic when they open their present. 

21. DSLR Camera

Perhaps your gift recipient is already an amateur photographer, or they want to embark on a second career as a professional freelance photographer. In any case, a DSLR camera is a grand way of supporting their passion. Be aware, though, that even the most affordable DSLR can be in the lower to mid-hundreds, so this is a special gift for a special person in your life. Having said that, even the cheapest cameras take outstanding pictures and videos, and usually come with a standard lens and accessories. Click on the link above for our recommended model, which is both affordable and popular with photographers. 

22. Tent

The tent is quite possibly the essential item for any outdoorsman. From casual camping to long-trek hiking, a good tent is equivalent to million bucks for the outdoor enthusiast. 

23. Wall Photo with Inspirational Retirement Message

We are all poets at heart. If you want to make your colleague teary-eyed (in a good way), this beautiful photo with a loving message will do the trick. It's something they can look at from time to time and be reminded of new adventures on the horizon. Retirement is the celebration of life that is ahead. 

24. Bait and Tackle Kit

Even if your gift recipient isn't an avid fisherman, this bait and tackle kit will surely motivate him to run to the nearest fishing spot. The kid comes with an assortment of lures and other essential accessories. 

25. Your Time

One of the best things you can give your friend, colleague or family member is your time. When they need help with a home project, or simply want a friend to talk to, try your best to free up your schedule for them. When you get older, you realize that the most important things in life is our bond with other people. 

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