25 Retirement Gifts for Women

6 June 2020 • Celebrating Life

Retirement Gifts for Women

Retirement is a major milestone in someone's life. It marks the end of one's long and illustrious career, but it also marks the beginning of a new phase in life. They've worked hard to build their career over the decades and now it's time to savor the golden years of one's life. Retirement shouldn't be seen in a sad light, but instead should be celebrated as an impressive achievement. 

Here are some retirement gift ideas for the important women in your life that will not only allow them to reflect on all the wonderful memories they've accumulated over the years, but also inspire them to grab life by the horns and embark on their next journey. 

1. Bucket List Travel Journal

Now that your friend, colleague, or family member has retired, she has all the time in the world to do the things she has always wanted to do. One of the best retirement gifts to give her is a bucket list journal where she can write down all of her dreams. The journal will not only help her list her plans, but jot down notes on how to make them come true. It's also a travel journal, so if her bucket list consists mostly of sojourns abroad or road trips across the country, she can use the journal to document her awesome experiences. 

2. Kindle Oasis

If your friend or family member is an avid reader, gifting her a Kindle Oasis seems like the perfect choice. The Kindle Oasis is smaller and lighter than former models, like the Kindle Fire, so your loved one can take it with her on her travels. Why a tablet and not just give her a book? Well, for one, it's more eco-friendly since it encourages publishers to print less paper books and upload more ebooks instead. Plus, with a Kindle you can have an entire library of books in the palm of your hands. You're essentially gifting her a library and not just one book. 

3. Retirement Quote Makeup Bag

Just because she's retired, it doesn't mean she likes to put on a little glamour. This makeup bag is not only handy when she's on the go, but it features a humorous quote about retirement. It's a nice little gift that will surely make her smile. 

25 retirement gifts for women

4. Useful Garden Tool Set with Tool Organizer Bag

Perhaps your dear retiree has a green thumb and loves to garden, or they want to take it up as their next hobby. Help them start off their new "retirement career" with a garden tool set. It has many essential tools that will make gardening easier for them. The set also comes with an organizer bag. 

5. Monogrammed Bathrobe

Nothing says retired like lounging in a comfortable bathrobe. Don't just give them any bathrobe, give them the option of embroidering their initials on it. She's going to feel like she's staying at a five-star luxury hotel even if she's just in the comforts of her own home. 

6. Personalized Leather Jewelry Organizer

If your friend or family member loves to wear jewelry, a personalized leather organizer would be an ideal gift. It's not only stylish and sleek, it can also be personalized either by your or by her. You can customize a message or simply write her name on it. It's a gift that is both useful and one that adds a little decor to her bedroom. 

7. Bracelet with Meaningful Message Card

Wearable gifts are always a great idea, because it can be put to use, especially if your giftee is a fashionista. This elegant bracelet comes with a meaningful message card, which will surely warm her heart. 

8. Wine Club Gift Membership 

Retirement is all about savoring life like fine wine. Make it literal by gifting her a wine club membership. She will receive a selection of California reds and whites. She'll probably invite you over to share a glass or two with her. 

9. Funny Retirement Quote Toilet Paper

During the COVID pandemic, toilet paper suddenly became a hot commodity because of it is an essential item in our home. But to make things more light-hearted, these rolls of toilet paper have funny retirement quotes, so that she'll have something to laugh about. 

10. Gem-Encrusted Solar Powered Timepiece

If the retiree is someone who is truly special to you, this beautiful gem-encrusted watch will surely leave her speechless. It's both something useful and stylish. Timepieces are objects that will last for decades. It's something she can treasure for a lifetime, and will always remind her of your wonderful friendship. 

11. Wonder Woman Apron

If your giftee loves to cook, she will love this Wonder Woman apron even more! This eye-catching apron replicates the actual Wonder Woman costume, and will surely be the talk of the dinner party. 

12. Vacation Cruise or Plane Tickets

If you're feeling very generous, or if the retiree is someone dear to you like your mom or grandma, you can book a vacation cruise for them to destinations you think they'd love. You can even buy one for yourself and accompany them on their sojourn. Alternatively, you can help them cross out their travel bucket list by paying for their plane tickets. That way, they'll save on travel expenses and all they'll have to worry about is if they brought enough sun tan lotion. 


13. Passport Holder 

She can't travel overseas without her passport, so why don't you make sure she travels in style? This passport holder has many unique designs to choose from. Get her something that you think she'll love, like her favorite color, or patterns and designs that fit her personality. 

14. Aromatherapy Candles for Stress Relief

Nothing brings relaxation quite like aromatherapy candles. She'll appreciate these scented candles that will leave her stress-free as she settles into her retirement. It's a way of saying to your giftee, "Relax. You deserve it after working so hard all these years." 

15. Gift Cards

Sometimes we don't know what to get our family and friends. Maybe they already have all the things that they want, or you're not close enough to a colleague to know their lifestyle. The universal answer to this problem, besides cash, are gift cards. They'll appreciate the gesture and it's something they can use in their retirement. After all, it will help save them money, which is a big deal during retirement, especially if you give them a gift card for a grocery store.

16. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

This gift says, "I care about your health." Make sure they'll be strong and healthy to tackle on the next phase of their life with this fruit infuser water bottle. As someone who owns this product, I can tell you that she will use it a lot, especially if she likes to exercise or spend time in the outdoors. 

17. Foot Massager

Once you retire, you get to kick your feet up and relax those aching muscles that are used to working hard. Gifting her a foot massager is not only thoughtful, but will help her de-stress at home. 

18. Neck Massager Pillow

Why stop at a foot massager? Get her a neck massager pillow, too. 

19. Hybrid Backpack Tote Bag

When she goes on her travels, it helps to have something versatile to carry her things. Sometimes, she might be hiking near the waterfalls of Hawaii, and the next she's out in the town shopping for souvenirs. This hybrid backpack-tote bag is the perfect gift for the adventurer retiree. 

20. Bonsai Tree Kit For Beginners

Help your friend or family member reach Zen-like calm with this bonsai tree kit. It's perfect for those who are starting to get into gardening, but don't have space for an actual garden yet. It's easy to maintain and adds a beautiful touch to the home. 

21. Fleece Throw Blanket

Retirement can sometimes mean Netflix and chill. This super-comfortable fleece throw blanket is perfect for those nights when she just wants to lay on the couch and binge-watch all those TV shows she missed out on when she was busy working. 

22. Your Time

One of the best gifts you can give someone, especially a retiree, is your time. Let her know that you're always there for her, rain or shine. Tell her that she can call or text you whenever she needs help, or simply someone to talk to. 

23. Gourmet Gift Basket

Gourmet gift baskets are sometimes associated with Christmas, fancy Hollywood aware shows, or a welcoming at a five-star resort. However, there are some relatively affordable gourmet gift baskets online that are packed with goodies for your friend or family member. She will love this thoughtful and delicious gift. 

24. Tea Sampler Box

Tea is associated with relaxation. It's the opposite of coffee. Help her de-stress with this tea sampler box. Share a cup or two with her while watching the sunset, or having a meaningful conversation. She'll love both the tea and your time. 

25. Inspirational Laser-Engraved Retirement Plaque

This retirement plaque will inspire her to live life to fullest and will remind her that retirement is a celebration of life, and not the mark of a sad end in one's career. She will appreciate you for this constant reminder that there is more to life than just work. 

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