Preserve your family's secret recipe for generations to come

1 May 2020 • Memories

Create Family Memories with Recipes

A family recipe is more than just a list of ingredients and methods, it’s a personal bond spanning generations. 

Be it your mother’s special apple crumble with caramel sauce or your great-grandfather’s beef stroganoff, there’s something special about eating one of your family favourites. 

Unlike ideas from the internet, a family recipe provides the nuances needed to make a meal taste like you remember. 

With this is mind, you should treat them the same as you do with other meaningful memories from your family's legacy. 

Memories can preserve secret recipes

Memories provides dedicated pages, which create the perfect space for your family recipes. Our private and secure Memories Pages act as a vault, visual timeline and digital memories box for all your secret recipes. 

Get started on your own family cookbook in three easy steps:

  1. Create your Memories Page - You can create a Memories Page for free with some basic information.
  2. Fill your Memories Page - Once the page is created, simply upload images, videos and text. 
  3. Publish your Memories Page - Share the page with others and invite them to contribute once published.

To get you started with your family cookbook, we have pulled together everything you need to know below. 
 Recipe Memories

Future-proof your family’s recipes for years to come  

Make plans to go to your mother’s house to dig out her old recipes - and we mean ALL the old recipes. 

Dig out the cards in the kitchen, find the old notebooks in storage cupboards and even track down those near-forgotten recipes scribbled inside the cover of the phonebook. 

Once you have the physical copies tracked down, it's time get a healthy dose of nostalgia as you digitize them.

We suggest using an image scanner to create digital copies because it will be of a much higher quality than simply taking a picture of the recipe - for added speed, scan multiple cards at the same time. 

If you would prefer to outsource the work, you could also use one of the many services which specialize in digitizing media. 

There's also the option to simply transcribe the recipes into a word document, but you would lose all of the personalized touches like your grandmother's handwriting and that huge red wine stain. 

Once you have digitized all the recipes, make sure to create a number of backups for added protection - we recommend an external hard-drive, USB stick or cloud storage. 

Make a cookbook for the extended family 

Chances are you are not the only person in your family wanting to taste your grandmother’s slice just one more time, so don't be surprised if your brother or sister gives you a call to see if you can email them the digitized recipe. 

Creating a Google Drive link is one way to provide the entire family with access to the recipes, likewise you could create a Memories page to have a private and secure space to safeguard and share the secrets of your family kitchen. 

Rest easy knowing the recipes are safely tucked away in a secure vault, and share your favourite on an interactive timeline -  you can also allow others to contribute with their own tips and memories of the food. 

Click here for Family recipes Memories Page example 

Recipes Memories Page

Preserving physical copies of old recipes

Even if you have digitized your family recipes, there’s no reason you can’t keep the originals for sentimental value because nothing can match running your finger over text on a hand-written card. 

If you wish to keep the originals, it would be worth investing in something to offer a little more protection than the old box in your kitchen cupboard.

An archival binder with durable, translucent polypropylene pockets could slow down the ageing process, while also protecting against the splashes and spills that inevitably happen every time you try to cook Nonna’s special pasta sauce from scratch. 

Make your grandmother a YouTube star 

Even if you have copies of the recipes, it's a good idea to watch your grandmother cook them first-hand if possible. 

Take things one step further and film your grandmother as she goes through each of the family's secret recipes. 

Having videos would be a great addition to the recipe as you could revisit the method before cooking - you could also add videos to your Memories page to give it some added character. 

If you are the creative type who didn't feel the need to keep your family recipe secret, you could use some film editing software to cut together a short cooking show that could be uploaded to YouTube. 

Who knows, granny might go viral and be the next Gordon Ramsay. Memories of your grandmother's cooking

What if my family recipe is cooked by memory?

If your grandmother has a collection of recipe cards you are in luck, but what if she uses a pinch of this and handful of that approach to her cooking?

We would suggest sitting down and getting her to give you the recipe as she pictures it in her mind.

If she has access to a kitchen, you could shadow your grandmother and politely ask her to put her “handful of that” into a measuring cup so you can be sure to get the exact measurements needed.  

Once the cooking has finished, review the recipe with your grandmother and try to cook it yourself to make sure you have included every nuance needed to create the perfect meal. 

Family recipes will always beat the internet 

If you think preserving your family’s recipes sounds like too much work because your kids will just grab a recipe from the internet, you need to show them why the meal is so special. 

Invite their grandparents over to cook the meal with them. Talk about why it's so special to you and share memories of eating the exact meal when you were a child. 

Sharing the experience will three generations of your family will help create new memories that can be passed down to your children's children. 

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