The Art of Making and Capturing Memories

15 April 2020 • Memories

The art of making memories is the art of living your life to the fullest. Our most vivid memories are usually unique experiences in life, but even the simple times are memorable. Whether it's skydiving for the first time or reading your children bedtime stories, every moment in our life is a precious memory. 

Capturing those memories is important, especially in this day and age when doing so is so easy and affordable. Back in the old times, you had to buy then-expensive cameras or video camcorders to capture life's wonderful moments. Today, evcen the most affordable mobile phone has a camera that can take photos and record videos. 

Here are some tips and ideas on making and capturing memories. 
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Making Memories

Making memories might seem simple (and it should be). You simple live life and automatically make memories. However, if you want to get more creative than simply allowing serendipitous moments to happen, here are some tips and ideas. 

1. Spend More Time with Loved Ones

You can't make memories if you're not spending time with loved ones like family and close friends. We are busier than ever in our daily lives due to world events, careers, school, and a plethora of distracting things like technology and new media. Kindly ask your family members or friends to make space in their hectic schedules to spend some quality time together. More likely than not, they need a break from the chaos of the world anyway. 

Coordinate days off  with your loved ones and help them free up their schedule. If they have children or pets that cannot be left at home by themselves, assist them in finding a solution that will make them worry-free. For instance, help them find a responsible babysitter or pet sitter. This will encourage your family or friends to be more receptive to your plans for bonding. Better yet, include their children and pets into your plans. After all, they're family, too. 

No matter the situation, you will find a way to spend more time together. Our time is precious and tomorrow is not guaranteed. Be sure to cherish the time we have with each other and create new memories together that will last a lifetime.

2. Plan a Shared Activity

Get creative and plan an activity that you and your loved ones can all do together. The best memories are those that are shared with others. Consider your family members' hobbies and plan an activity around that. There are many group activities to choose from, such as: 

  • Playing football/soccer
  • Playing a cricket match
  • Hiking and camping
  • Swimming and barbecuing at the beach or lake
  • Playing trivia and board games at home
  • Trying a new restaurant together for lunch or dinner
  • Road trips and day trips to scenic areas 

There are many possibilities to choose from! Whatever you do, make sure that it is all-inclusive and fun for everyone. For example, if there are kids in the group, pub-hopping might not be a good choice, especially since someone has to be the designated driver, which will make them and the kids feel left out. Another example would be if a friend or family member has physical disabilities. Hiking up and down through challenging terrain would be considered thoughtless of you. You want to have fun with everyone, so that you can all cherish your shared experiences. 

Another thing to consider is the interaction you can have with your group. If you plan to simply watch a movie a the cinema, then you won't get to talk to each other much until after the film is done. You want to choose an activity where you're all attentive to one another. Otherwise, you'll just end up doing the same thing as what most people do nowadays, which is spend time looking down at their phones whilst sitting across each other in silence. You want to break that habit and actually interact with one another. 

3. Try Something New

Break out of your comfort zone and try something new. After all, the best part of making new memories is to do things you've never tried before. When you become stuck in a routine, those memories will end up overlapping on top of each other to create a stack of "Xerox copies." Sure your comfort zone is comforting and safe, but do you really want to spend your precious time creating carbon copy memories?

Go to a place you've never been to before, even if you've never thought about going there. Perhaps you can take up a new hobby, or enroll in a class to learn a skill. One of the functions of memory is to help you learn. The more memories you create, the more you gain knowledge through new experiences. 

Combine this new approach to living with group activities. Help your loved ones and friends break free from their own routines, so that you can all enrich your lives together. 

4. Enjoy Moments at Home

There are times when are forced to stay at home due to unforseen major events. Making new memories with loved ones doesn't have to be filled with adventure and travel; you can just as easily make new everlasting memories at home, too. Home is what binds families together. It is not only your shared space, but also the castle where your family crest is planted firmly. Take advantage of downtime by doing activities together like games, or cooking a meal where each person is assigned a task. Don't just Netflix and chill, as fun as that is, but instead actually interact with each other. 


Capturing Memories

The most common way, all across the globe, of capturing memories is through a camera lens, whether it's attached to an actual camera or on your smartphone. You can snap photos, make videos, record livestream, and even make fun GIFs, all of which can be done with free apps. However, there are some other creative alternatives to simply posting on social media. Here are a few.

1. Make a Memory Book or Box

Nothing can ever beat holding physical books in your hands. That's why you should think about making a memory book or memory box. A memory book is essentially similar to a traditional scrapbook or photo album, but is a bit more multimedia and is organized to form a narrative of your family's history through memories together. A memory box is the same thing, but the host is a secured, fireproof archival box. 

2. Create a Family Movie

The habit of most people today is to create short videos. Back in the day, when we used camcorders, these fragments would automatically be part of the tape reel. Meaning, you didn't have to upload these video clips, which could be hundreds, and edit them on a software. Because a camcorder used tape, scenes would simply cut to the next one. That was why "home movies" or "family movies" were so popular back in the day. Nowadays, you have to do a bit of work, but it's actually more fun. That's because you can now use video editing software to make or add cool graphics that would have been a pain to do back in the day. You can easily add music and text layers, thus creating a fun family movie that you could all watch for many years to come. 

3. Publish and Share in Safe Web Platforms

You can publish, archive and share your memorable photos and videos online in a secured platform, such as a Memories page. While you can use social media sites like Facebook or Instagram (which is owned by Facebook), you should keep in mind that there are many cons with doing so, such as threats of hacking, data privacy compromise, and creepy strangers who might be able to see the photos and names of precious children in your content. In a secured and private space like a Memories page, you have full control over who you can invite to take part in the page and have access to it. Whatever you choose, remember that memories created together with others are worth sharing with them and other loved ones. 

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