What to Do with a Loved One's Ashes

17 October 2019 • Celebrating Life

What to do with a loved one's ashes

Many people hold onto their ashes because they are not sure what to do with them. Today there are many meaningful and modern ways to memorialize a loved one, such as turning your ashes into a treememorial diamonds and of course building an online memorial.

Create a living tree

For those that choose cremation, memorializing those ashes by turning them into a tree is a beautiful and respectful way to honour their life in a way that lives on.

Living memorial trees create a special place for loved ones to visit and are an environmentally sustainable way to honour and perpetuate a loved one’s life. For the many people that like getting out in nature, this is the way to leave a positive footprint in the world.

Can you scatter the ashes?

The myth that human ashes is good for plants is not true. The truth is cremation ash has the same pH as bleach and contain around 1 cup of salts. This means many people with good intention are scattering ashes in a beautiful place in nature without appreciating just how destructive it can be to the ecosystem that makes it beautiful. 


Top 3 Modern Memorials

#1 - livinglegacyforest.com 

Transform your ashes into a tree

Transforming Ashes Into Trees

Our top pick for a tree memorial is livinglegacyforest.com, it provides the only proven way to turn ashes into a living memorial with government-endorsed memorial forest locations all around Australia.

Living Legacy Forest was founded in 2013 in Australia, and differentiates themselves by actually detoxifying and transforming the ashes into molecules that help trees grow. The Living Legacy treatment has been tested and adopted by government and industry leaders around Australia. 

Communities from all around Australis are creating Living Legacy memorial Trees from $2,900- $10,465 depending on which state you are in. 

Some people like to choose trees that flower on their loved one's birthday, and yes the trees can become family trees with multiple infusions to the same tree over time. 

Beware of internet products that claim to turn ashes into trees with biodegradable containers. In reality, biodegradable containers and urns biodegrade, not the actual ashes which still remain harmful to soil and tree health when untreated.

#2 - Eterneva

Transform your loved one into a diamond 

Transform Ashes Into Diamonds

Eterneva is a prominent and well-known service for turning your loved one's ashes into a beautiful custom diamond. There’s about 5% carbon in ashes or hair. Through a remarkably intricate process, Eterneva purifies the carbon to 99.999%. They then apply high pressure and high temperature (just like earth) to grow a rough diamond, which they cut and polish for you.


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