Ways to Celebrate All Souls’ Day

25 October 2018 • Celebrating Life

7 Ideas to Celebrate Your Loved Ones This All Souls’ Day

All Souls’ Day is celebrated around the world in different ways, but its main purpose remains the same: to remember and commemorate those who have passed. It can be a solemn and healing experience for the living.

If you want to make this holiday a meaningful celebration, here are 7 ways to do it:

1. Visit the resting place of the deceased

Visit the grave of a loved one with your family and friends. Say a prayer together or spend time reminiscing great memories you have about the person.

2. Take their favorite things to the grave

You can bring their favorite flowers, but you can also bring food or things that they used to love when they were still alive. This is also a great way bring back happy memories and remember the deceased.

3. Light a candle

Lighting a candle in honor of the dead is a spiritual experience. You can offer prayers or express your thoughts and feelings inside your mind after lighting a candle, as if you are trying to communicate with your deceased loved one.

4. Build an online memorial page.

In the age of 24/7 connectivity and social media, an online memorial page is a way to keep your deceased loved one’s memories alive forever. By doing so, you are not only celebrating his life, but you are also preserving his memories for the succeeding generations in your family. Online memorial pages protect your loved one’s photos and stories from getting lost.

Create An Online Memorial

5. Publish a tribute

When you’ve already set up an online memorial page, All Souls’ Day is also the perfect time to write a tribute and publish it on the deceased’s page. Writing a tribute can evoke a range of emotions, from bittersweet yearning to joy. This form of life celebration can be soothing for you and the deceased’s relatives and friends.

6. Set up a memorial table at home

Sometimes, it is not physically possible to visit a loved one’s grave because of distance. An alternative to visiting the deceased’s resting place is to set up a memorial table at home. Display his picture on the table, offer flowers, light a candle and say a prayer. A simple feast with your immediate family can also be organized to remember the dead. Celebrating the deceased this way can also help you bond as a family and re-establish lost connections.

7. Request a priest or a minister to pray for the dead

It is a religious practice to offer prayers for the deceased’s soul. You can ask a priest or a minister to offer prayers for the dead according to your faith.

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