The Benefits of Online Obituaries

16 October 2018 • Online Obituaries

Honour your loved ones with Online Obituaries

Paying tribute to a loved one

Losing a friend or loved one can be a traumatic experience. Many of us look for healthy ways to cope and mourn - for many, that takes the form of reflecting on and sharing memories.

Obituaries are a touching way of uniting loved ones, celebrating a life lived and grieving. For many, they can also serve as a final reminder of good memories.

Traditionally, this was done through the local paper. However, in today’s digital age, taking memorials online is quickly growing in popularity.

And it’s not hard to see why...

It’s up forever

A common piece of wisdom is to never post something online you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see - after all, once it’s up, it’s there forever.

It’s for exactly this reason that online memorials are taking off in popularity.

A newspaper obituary can be thrown out. And navigating online newspaper records can be pain, assuming archives even exist.

On the other hand, online obituaries and memorials effectively last forever.

As long as the site it’s hosted on is online, your online obituary will be online.

This allows you to access your cherished memories and touching tributes whenever you want, without the fear of one of the final reminders of a loved one or friend slipping away with a misplaced newspaper or book.

Ease of access

Online Memorial Website for mobiles

Helping you come to terms with your own grief is just one of the reasons for taking out an obituary.

Another is to unite loved ones and reconnect to honour the departed’s life and impact.

It’s a little bit hard to do that if friends and family can’t see it.

Put up an obituary in the local paper and there’s no guarantee all of your family members will see it. Perhaps some live in a different area, or don’t have a newspaper subscription.

The internet has made it possible to easily storage, access and share anything no matter how far the distance or how different the time zones are.

This allows you to collectively mourn without worrying about whether or not your friends and family will be able to access it.

Creative ways to honour a loved one online

Writing an obituary online

When most of us think about memorialising a loved on or close friend online, odds are most of us think of leaving a heartfelt message on Facebook.

While there’s nothing wrong with this, social media posts aren’t as long-lived as other online memorial options.

Not to mention, it can look awkward when your heartfelt tribute is mixed in with memes and concert photos.

Luckily, there are plenty of dignified and tactful ways to memorialise, grieve, and pay tribute online.

1) Photo memory slideshow

You’re not restricted to text when it comes to memorialising somebody close to you.

Many online memorials allow you to play and share photos of the deceased, organised into a visually-appealing slideshow where old memories are re-lived.

Photos serve as a visual memoir perfectly capturing the features and the personality  of the departed.

2) Video obituaries and memorials

They say a picture says a thousand words. By that logic, a video can say a million.

Video memorials are a unique way of remembering the departed and the impact they had on those around them. Video tributes keep the memory of a person alive in a way that written words or photos can’t.

When making a video tribute, it’s worth thinking about:

  • Editing software - luckily, free tools make this easier than ever

  • Duration - it’s impact, not length that matters

  • Tone - make sure it strikes a tone that fits the deceased’s unique personality

  • File format - make sure you save it as a common file type that’s easy to share

3) Online memorial

Someone close to you passing is a tough time. There’s no shame in seeking support from those close to you.

It can be comforting knowing that you’re not alone. And that’s what makes online memorials so powerful.

Online memorials work as a sort of virtual corkboard. Friends and family can leave messages of support, condolences, and share stories of the deceased.

For many people, finding that type of support can be difficult, especially if your friends and family live further away.

Online memorials cut distance out of the equation, giving you the support and condolences that you need.

Memorialise your loved ones forever with Memories

Online memorials that stand the test of time

The problem with online memorials is that often, your touching tributes get lost. They may be buried underneath other posts, or share a space with garish ads.

Memories offers a unique platform for friends and family can publish online tributes and memorials that will last for a lifetime.

We guarantee no ads and a dedicated place for your online memorial, allowing you to remember your friends and loved ones undisturbed.

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