21 Gifts for People Who Have Everything

28 June 2020 • Celebrating Life

21 gifts for people who have everything

We all have them; that one friend, colleague or family member who is impossible to buy gifts for. That one person who seems to have everything that they need or are incredibly picky or fussy or selective about what they have in their home, what they wear, what they read and what they watch.

Buying a gift for a friend, colleague or loved one is a tricky business. We all want to do the best we can to find the perfect gift that will be appreciated, loved and used by the recipient. Some people are incredibly easy to buy for and we know instantly what to gift them and some people aren’t.

So, to save you racking your brain trying to come up with ideas, we’ve made it easy for you and done all the legwork. Read on below for 21 ideas for gifts for that one person in your life who is tricky to buy for.

Gifts for that person who has everything

  1. A Memories Timeline

We all have photographs of special occasions and special events in every corner of our lives. On our phones, laptops, in frames and albums. But how do we best collate and protect those photographs.

Memories is an ad-free, private and secure space to safeguard and share memories of the people, places, moments and milestones that matter the most. The platform is a vault, visual timeline and digital memory box to future-proof and preserve your family history so it can be enjoyed by your children’s children.

  1. An experience

Most of us have too much stuff so the gift of an experience is a way to show someone you care while also giving them a memorable experience which won’t take up room in their homes (except for photographs). Experiences can be bought for a variety of events including foodie experiences, adventure events and exotic weekends or short holidays.

Both Tinggly and Cloud 9 Living offer a great variety of experiences across the USA and around the world.

  1. Tickets

A gift of tickets is another crowd pleaser. Depending on your budget, you can purchase tickets to a sporting event, a comedy show, a musical or even to the cinema and be assured that they will be used and appreciated.

Check out Ticketmaster and Stubhub for tickets to a variety of concerts and sporting events.

  1. A weekend away

Who doesn’t love a weekend staycation? There’s something so good about getting out of the city and being spoiled in a hotel or motel that just doesn’t get old. No one will ever complain about receiving a weekend of rest and relaxation as a gift.

Both US News Travel and Trips To Discover have some great suggestions for places to book across the country.

  1. Dinner for two

An intimate dinner for two at a boutique restaurant cannot be beat for a well-received gift. Not only does this gift ensure a slap-up meal for the recipient, it also contributes to well-being. There is nothing like a quiet dinner with a good friend or loved one to feel happy and content.

Big 7 Travel offers a large selection of romantic dinner venues. Also have a look at The Infatuation for popular restaurants for dinner with friends.

  1. A cleaning service

Everyone hates housework. Work all week then spend the weekend cleaning the toilet and kitchen…no thanks! A maid for a day or a weekend is the perfect gift for your busy friend and loved one.

There are multiple services available. Maid Day Services, The Maids and Molly Maids just to name a few.

  1. Chauffer for a day

Driving around in traffic in an already busy, stressful day can be a nightmare. Wouldn’t it be great to sit and relax in the back of a car while someone else deals with the traffic? Hence, the gift of a chauffer for a day or weekend (budget dependent).

Check out Dryver, Sixt and Blacklane for more information.

  1. Babysitting service

For the friend or loved one with children, nothing will be more appreciated than a night alone away from the kids. Giving the gift of alone time with their loved one is timeless and priceless.

You can offer your own time to babysit or you can choose from a variety of places like Urban Sitter, Fatherly or The Babysitting Company.

  1. A herb garden

Nothing says gourmand then fresh herbs from your own kitchen herb garden. With minimal fuss, you can have a thriving selection of fresh herbs right in your own kitchen to use in all your cooking.

The Spruce has a convenient list of herb garden kits available for online ordering and of course, you can always find more kits on Amazon.

  1. Subscription

Subscriptions are the gifts that keep on giving. One annual subscription gift means your friend or loved ones will receive something every month to remind them of your thoughtfulness. Depending on who you are buying for, you could get magazine subscriptions, Netflix, makeup, dog food…the list in endless.

My Subscription Addiction has some suggestions along with Pure Wow. The lists are endless with a huge variety of choices to ensure the perfect fit.

  1. Donation

Why not give a gift and save a life at the same time? Some of the best gifts are donations to worthy causes. These could be to support people in your community, animals or people in need across the world. A donation gift means a contribution in the name of your friend or loved one, which can have no greater impact and meaning.

Try Global Giving or World Wildlife Fund to make a meaningful and much appreciated contribution.

  1. Spa day

Giving someone a day of pampering and attention can be the best gift. Your overworked, stressed friend or loved one will truly appreciate the opportunity to put their feet up and turn off the stresses of the working week. You are truly giving the gift of wellbeing.

The Travel Channel has a great list of day spas. Also check out this list from Town and Country Magazine.

  1. Something wacky

How about a wild and wacky gift for that eccentric friend or loved one? Would they like a glow in the dark toilet seat? How about a dinosaur lunch box or unicorn poo bath bombs? We all know someone a little bit strange who would love a gift like that.

Check out Prezzy Box and Thingsamagift for some ideas.

  1. Something personalized

Nothing says “I care deeply about you” than a personalized gift. Nowadays, it is a simple matter to personalize all manner of things from towels and bags to laptops, shoes and bags. Personalizing makes the recipient feel special and unique.

Nike and Vans do personalized shoes, Etsy does personalized jewelry and bags and Personal Creations has an extensive list of items.

  1. Wine tasting

Glass of wine anayone? The gift of fine wine is perfect for that person who has everything. Wine tasting is a relaxing, social event where one can indulge in some excellent wines and learn more about wine production, storage and marketing. It is an education alongside some samplings of the region’s best wines.

Wine Paths and Viator have some great lists of wine tours and holidays to get the party started.

  1. A class or course

Have a friend who has always wanted to learn to cook French food or salsa dance? Has a loved one talked about learning a language or how to code? Then the perfect gift has to be a class or a course. Gifting someone a class or a course means giving them lifelong skills they can use to improve their lives. It is indeed the gift that lasts a lifetime.

Masterclass is a great starting point followed by specific searches for classes that you want in the area close to you.

  1. An app

Sometimes a simple app on your phone can be life changing. That person who has everything may not have an app that will change up their life. It could be a reading app like Audible, or a meditation app like Headspace.

Business Insider has an excellent list of apps that would make great gifts. Be sure to have a look at this list from Bustle, as well.

  1. A star or a tree

Who wouldn’t love to have a star named after them or a tree planted in their name? Both such lovely gifts; memorable, unique and thoughtful. Planting trees in someone’s name also does such a service to the environment making it a double blessing.

The Night Sky and Online Star Register are the places to start for stars. For trees, try The National Forest.

  1. A clean car

We all wish our cars were cleaner, inside and out. Give the gift of a clean, new smelling car and you will be forever appreciated. We spend so much time in our cars, it’s easy to let it get dirty and dusty. Having a wash and detail means restoring a car to its former glory and its owner will be forever grateful.

Yelp is a good place to start with a long list of places and corresponding reviews to help you decide.

  1. Gift card

When nothing else will do, a gift card is the perfect gift. This allows the recipient to choose their own gift and ensures they get something that they really want. A gift card shows you care and also that you want it to be a personal gift.

Have a look here for some good ideas.

  1. Something homemade

Finally, one of the best gifts is a gift from the heart, made carefully and lovingly with the recipient in mind. Making a gift is the ultimate show of care, love and thoughtfulness.

Crazy Little Projects has some great ideas for things to make. Also check out The Spruce for ideas.

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